Trade Professionals

  • 1. Hand-made: hand pulling the ceramic green body, and have great originality
    . Chinese traditional handicraft techniques, pure hand pulling the ceramic green body, unique mix ratio of clay and glaze, and complex process.
    . The raw materials are elaborately selected from the ancient ore in the country of origin. And as the raw materials are decreasing year by year, it has a high collection value.


    2. Safe: High-temperature firing, natural and environmental

    . Every piece was fired at above 1300 degree Celsius to achieve the fine porcelain quality. The glaze surface is shiny, and the glaze is thin and uniform. They’re sturdy and durable.
    . Both the ceramic green body and glaze surface are pure mineral, without any chemical addition, so it’s healthy and safe.
    . All of the products have been tested by the national authorities, and the lead , chromium and other heavy metals are not in excess of the standards.


    3. Quality: strict criteria, select the best one

    . Our platform set strict terms entrance to manufacturers, and we select high-end porcelain manufacturers as our suppliers.
    . The finished products shall be inspected one by one, and the qualified products will be registered in the warehouse, while the defective products will be destroyed after the defect analysis.
    . All of the products are inspected by the national authorities and meet the inspection and testing standards of daily porcelain.

    4. Heritage: historical inheritance, innovative development
    . It inherits the porcelain from the court of Song dynasty, so it has a long history and high heritage value.
    . It’s a combination of classical design and modern design, and a combination of classical beauty and modern taste.

    5. Specialty: specializing in porcelain, providing professional services
    . We can produce customized products according to your requirements of glaze color, shape, size, packing and so on.
    . VIP buyers of one–stop high-end daily porcelain, with variety, complete and reliable quality.
    . We have special person to follow up the orders, and the operation process of orders, packing, logistics and after-sales are visual.