China’s ancient porcelain, unlimited business opportunities

Chinese porcelain has a long history of more than 1000 years on the global market. With the integration of global culture, the potential users of Chinese porcelain are growing rapidly, and there are a large number of business opportunities for overseas porcelain agents and retailers.

Innovation and inheritance

New China road integrates China's high-end porcelain factories and master the first hand information of the Chinese porcelain, which provides the overseas agents the most cost-effective and high-quality supply, and satisfies the individual customized needs.
More importantly, New China Road is based on innovation and inheritance of China´s porcelain in Song Dynasty, and keen perception to global market, New China Road insists on researching and innovating the high-end porcelain products, making your products gain the market.


Sales Representative

Jessie Zhu

Director of the foreign trade business
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Customer Services

Lola Cui

Overseas marketing director
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